Thursday, December 26

There are a few announcements we would like to share with you. The first one is Brian will be on vacation until Sunday, December 29th, so if you need anything please contact Cori. You can contact her by phone if you have her number or by email at The second announcement is we will have a signup sheet for the in-house competition starting today. Please sign up between now and January 7th. Remember this event will have three to four WODs that will be similar to Open workouts. It will help gauge where we need to improve going into the Open. This is a no pressure event and will be challenging and fun.

The third announcement is the schedule for next week—New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Tuesday, December 31st 10am - CrossFit 11am - CrossFit 12pm - CrossFit

Wednesday, January 1st 12pm - CrossFit 1pm - CrossFit 2pm - Olympic lifting Only (NO CROSSFIT AT THIS TIME)

Also, don't forget we have our kids classes this Friday, December 27th and next Friday, January 3rd. Elementary kids (5-12) are at 10am and Secondary (13-17) are at 11am each day.

Now let’s talk about GOALS!

With the New Year coming up it seems to be the time when everyone sets goals or "New Year’s Resolutions". Think about all the times you have set goals... What type of goals were they? Did you follow them through? Did you have daily goals set to follow them through? Did you think setting goals in one aspect of your life would affect other aspects of your life? Goal setting needs to be specific, stated in a positive sense, have a time frame, and provide motivation, inspiration, and direction.

When making goals in the gym you must first determine if it is a long-term or short-term goal. Once you’ve decided that and added a time frame you have to think about the process goals or “daily goals” that are going to get you to your overall goal. In other words, everything you do on a daily bases affects your successfulness in achieving your goals. This includes nutrition, mobility, hydration level, sleep, activity level, and/or type of activity. (For example: My goal is to increase my back squat 15 pounds by March 1st 2014.) Some of my process goals would include: 1. Getting eight hours of sleep on a daily bases 2. Eat foods that are going to fuel my system 3. Work on mobility of my hips and lower back for 15 minutes daily 4. Drink a gallon of water each day These are daily goals that are going to increase my chances of being successful in reaching my main goal of increasing my back squat. It is important to set goals for the short term and long term in and out of the gym. We are here to help you out with setting goals, giving you the work to reach them, and helping you out if things get tough along the way. Hopefully this information gives you a guideline when setting your fitness goals for the year and helps you to be more successful than ever before!

Workout for Thursday, December 26 EMOTM 6 Min 5 Front Squat @ 65% EMOTM 6 Min 6 Front Rack Lunge (drop 25% off bar)

WOD 3 Rounds for time 20 Overhead Squat (95/65) 500 m Row

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