Friday, December 27

Today is a good day to talk about excuses. This time of the year with all of our resolutions and goals related to fitness, weight loss, and being healthier it may be easy at times to find motivation. Let’s face it though, it can also be easy at times to find excuses. Excuses to take a day off from the gym. Excuses to eat one more “cheat” meal. Excuses, excuses, excuses. Not every day will feel like the perfect day to find time to get to the gym, but usually you’ll find that just getting through the door is the hard part. On those days it seems like the workout is even more rewarding than usual. And if you are sore or have aches and pains still come get your workout in! Come see a coach before or during class and let one of us know what’s sore so that we can scale the workout for you. We want you to continue to improve as much as possible and we can find ways to get you a great workout without injury or making things worse! Excuses often work against our goals. We have to be strong enough to know how important our goals are and to make them a priority in our lives. Our health and well-being is more important than we often care to think, and taking care of ourselves must be a priority! Once in a while that means putting ourselves first and making it to the gym even when an excuse is easily acceptable to most. It may also mean passing on an unhealthy meal or two even when it’s “acceptable” or we have an excuse to indulge. Give your goals the right ranking of priority and you’ll find that excuses will not jeopardize you reaching those goals. Below is a video that is aimed at basketball, but you’ll quickly find that the words can be applied to getting better at Crossfit as well as being a better you all around.

 Motivation - Maybe It's My Fault, Or Maybe You're Just Making Excuses

Workout For Friday, December 27 Push Press 1x3 @ 70% 1x3 @ 75% 2x2 @ 80%

WOD 21-15-9 KB Swings Box Jump Overs Wall Balls

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