Thursday, January 2

You hear us talk about the Open a lot and some of you probably have no idea what we are talking about. The CrossFit Games Open is the first round of qualification for the CrossFit Games. Everyone is eligible for the Open and it's a great way to test yourself against other CrossFitters from around the world. CrossFit just announced that the 2014 Open will begin on February 27! They will announce one workout a week for five weeks and we will do the workout as the scheduled WOD after the announcement each week. Even if you have no desire to compete or sign up you can still gauge where you are and what you need to work on by doing these workouts. When we do them we will judge each other and treat it like a competition just to make it a little more exciting. If you do sign up, you will be judged and scored and then you submit your score online. The top 48 men and women move on to Regionals and the top three in each region go on to the Games. There is also a team competition and teams consist of three men and three women from the same gym. We use the Open as a test for all of us and it gives us a "season" to train for. This allows us to periodize our training throughout the year to peak during the Open. Check out the CrossFit Games site for more info on the Open and the Games. You know we just ramped up the conditioning part of our training if you've been in the gym this week. We've got about two months to really get that motor going, so get ready to push hard and give it all you've got as we enter Games Season!

Workout for Thursday, January 2 Deadlift 4x10

WOD 5 Rounds for time 10 KB Lunges (5 each leg) 20 KB Jerks (10 each arm) 30 KB Jump Overs

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