Monday, January 6

As of right now, we will be open Monday morning and all day. If there is any change we will post it on our Facebook page as soon as possible. Of course, the weather is terrible and the roads are too, so please use good judgement when deciding to come in. If you don't think it is safe, please stay home. The gym will be here tomorrow!

Also, don't forget to sign up for the in-house competition this Saturday, Jan 11. We need to know if you are in by Tuesday so we can plan the heats and events properly. This competition is for everyone and all of the workouts can be scaled. It is more of a competition with yourself to diagnose weaknesses and kick off the CrossFit Games season. The workouts will be past CrossFit Open WODs, so look them up if you aren't sure. It's going to be fun, so just sign up!

Workout for Monday, January 6 Complex: 3 Press, 3 P. Press, 3 P. Jerks (5 sets)

WOD Buy In: 20 Back Squats (135) 5 Rounds 12 HSPU 12 Box Jumps Row 250 Cash Out: 20 Back Squats (135)

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