Tuesday, January 7

We are giving you a little time to settle in after the new year and holidays, but soon there will be no more room for excuses! At the beginning of February we are going to start a six-week paleo challenge to get us all on the fast track to a healthier diet. Just because we are waiting until February to start that doesn't mean you should eat like crap for the next three weeks. Now is the prep time. Start doing the research, asking questions and figuring out how you can adapt your current lifestyle to do well in the challenge. There are plenty of us who have some sort of fat/weight loss goals and this will be a great way to keep us accountable and successful. Even if you don't need to lose weight, eating a healthy, clean diet will improve your performance in the gym and make you feel better every day. I really encourage you all to join the challenge and see just how good you can feel by eating a clean diet. Six weeks is very doable and it is long enough to see some legitimate results. The challenge will be pretty simple and straightforward because we want you to succeed. We will release more details soon, but for now, get ready to finally make those changes you always wanted.

Workout for Tuesday, January 7 20 Minutes of Snatch practice

WOD 15 Minute AMRAP 2,4,6,8,10... Power Snatch (95/65) Chest to Bar Pullups Air Squats

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