Wednesday, January 8

Looking forward to the in-house competition this Saturday. We will still have weightlifting at 9:30 am and the first WOD of the competition will be part of the normal Saturday CrossFit class. So if you aren't competing, but want to get in a workout, you can still come at 10:30 for the CrossFit class. We have picked some past workouts from the CrossFit Open and they are pretty short. We plan on having three heats of four workouts right now so we should be done in less than three hours. Workout for Wednesday, January 8 Superset - rest 2 min between sets Front Squat 2-2-2-2 Weighted Ring Dip 8-8-6-6

WOD 4 min AMRAP Burpees (to target) rest 2 min 3 Min AMRAP Shoulder to Overhead (105/75) rest 2 min 2 Min AMRAP KB Swings rest 2 min 1 Min AMRAP Double Unders

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