Tuesday, January 14

The Paleo Challenge begins on Saturday, February 1 and we are having a kick-off party right after the workout that day. At 11:30 we will have a paleo pot-luck lunch and we will cover all of the rules for the challenge. There is a sign up board at the gym if you want in. There's a $10 entry fee and there will be great prizes for the winners. We will hand out all of the information on the first, including rules, scoring and what to eat in case you are unsure. There's also a team competition coming up that I know some people are interested in. They asked me to pass it along to everyone to find out if there is more interest. If you are interested it's going to be up to you to get your team together. We will help prepare you, but figuring out who wants to go and who is on what team will be up to the people that want to compete. Here's a link to the competition page with some details on the event: http://endeavordcf.com/team-competition/

Workout for Tuesday, January 14 4 Rds: Row 500m, Rest 2 min between rds

Tabata: Chest to Bar Pullups Double Unders Toes To Bar

Complete all eight rounds of each movement before moving on. Rest two minutes between tabata intervals.

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