Thursday, January 16

You may have noticed if you follow anything related to CrossFit on social media that registration is now open for the CrossFit Open! We are encouraging you to sign up for lots of different reasons some of which we outlined here. It's a great way to test your fitness so go ahead and sign up already. You can sign up on the official CrossFit Games site here. When you sign up make sure you add yourself to CrossFit 616 as an affiliate and to the team. We need as many people as possible on the team to help with qualifying. We have been doing some of the past Open workouts in the gym so you have some idea of how challenging the workouts will be. As much as we want a lot of people to participate, we also want you to make an informed decision. There is no scaling of workouts in the open. If you are not close to being able to perform the past workouts as prescribed, please talk to us about whether you should sign up. I don't want you to feel like you wasted money or try to do anything you aren't ready for just because it's the Open. Even if you don't sign up, you can still do the workouts with us and we can scale and you will be able to test your fitness.

Workout for Thursday, January 16 Press 10-8-6-4-2

16 min: 1 min Work, 1 min Rest 10 Med Ball Cleans ME KB Swings

3 Rds for Time: Row 250 20 Lunges (alternate legs) 10 Ring Dips

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