Friday, January 17

A bit of sad news to report today. As most of you know, Corey Franklin hasn't been able to be around the gym very much these days. After the birth of his daughter last July, Corey had much more important things to take care of. He made the decision to put his family first and step away as co-owner of CrossFit 616. We fully support and understand that decision and wish him, his wife Rachel and his daughter Josephine the best! Corey, we will miss your sense of humor and energetic spirit. We will miss you messing with Cori just to get her worked up and we will definitely miss that tutu you wore on Halloween. Please remember that you will always be a part of the CrossFit 616 family. I know that I (Brian) could have never gotten the gym to where it is today without you. Thank you and don't forget to squat!

As one chapter ends a new one begins. Cori and Tom have stepped in as new partners and co-owners of the gym now and we are excited to have them on board.

Corey wrote the following to the members of the gym to say goodbye:

This spring will mark three years that Brian and I started this journey of building what is today CrossFit 616. The goal wasn’t to build a gym as we both currently belonged to one, but to develop a Community.

Traveling to affiliates around the world and experiencing amazing gym cultures and groups is what drew me into to CrossFit. But it’s what all of us as a community at 616 have created that keep people coming back saying “Wow that was tough, same time tomorrow!?”

Think about how many times we have seen someone do their first pull-up or the person next to you giving it everything they have, and then stopping to cheer you on and push you to do or finish something you previous may have believed impossible.

Having the opportunity to start this community with Brian has been amazing time in my life and I consider myself to be so lucky to have the chance to coach and work with everyone. The experiences and time with you I won’t forget.

With a heavy heart 2014 starts with me stepping away as co-owner of Crossfit 616, I would like to thank Brian for this opportunity in building such an amazing place and to Cori and Tom for continuing this journey with him.

I thank you all for the chance to learn and grow with you and to be a part of the 616 Family.

Workout for Friday, January 17 EMOTM 3 min: 2 Deadlift @ 315 EMOTM 3 min: 4 Deadlift @ 275 EMOTM 3 min: 6 Deadlift @ 225

150 Sit-Ups For Time At the Top of Every Minute: 4 Burpees

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