Thursday, February 6

We're starting the day with some overhead squats and this can be a trouble movement for a lot of you. Whether it is you ankles, hips, shoulder or wrists there are things you can do to make the overhead squat more comfortable. Here's a video from the Barbell Shrugged guys with mobility tips for overhead squatting.

There are a lot of other options for mobility work for the overhead squat. Figure out what you need to work on and go after it. If your shoulders are fine, don't waste time that you could be spending on your ankles. There are some tests we can do (some in the video above) to figure out what is tight. Try to diagnose yourself and get to work. It takes time and a consistent effort. Don't just do it for a day. Take a few weeks and do your mobility work every day to make a real change.

Workout for Thursday, February 6 8 Rounds - 20 sec on, 40 sec rest of: Overhead Squats (115) Death by T2B (max 15 min) Tabata: Double Unders Deadlift (225)

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