Tuesday, February 11

Due to the Box Crawl this Saturday, February 15 we will not have CrossFit classes at 10:30 or 11:30 am. If you want to work out on Saturday, sign up for the Box Crawl. Go to http://www.griffinshockey.com/promocode and use the code CF616 to sign up now! There are a few spots available, but if they aren't filled by Wednesday the spots will be given away to other gyms. Go sign up before it's too late! There will still be weightlifting at 9:30 am.

We talk about mobility all of the time, but it can get rather complex and you may not understand or appreciate how it all works without a degree in kinesiology. You can simply trust us and believe that the mobility work we do will help or you can try to learn more and get a better understanding of how the body works and why moving better will increase performance. It's not always as simple as working on the area that hurts and finding the true problem can be difficult or impossible without seeing a doctor. However, we believe that we should know enough about our bodies to perform basic maintenance and keep our joints moving smoothly and correctly.

The video below gives a good breakdown of the arm and how all of the muscles work together and how restrictions in one area can limit range of motion in multiple joints. If you suffer from wrist pain or lack of shoulder mobility in the front rack, try the movements in the video and see if you can make a change.

Workout for Tuesday, February 11 Power Snatch 10-10-8-8-6, TOUCH N GO

500m Row to Buy-In 5 Rds for time: 30 DU 10 Pull Ups 10 OH Lunges (45/25) 10 T2B then 500m Row to Cash-Out

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