Thursday, February 13

Are you a leader? Do you want to be? How do you think your fellow gym members see you? I read this article on leadership today and I think there are points made that will benefit us all. 7 Leadership Lessons From the SEALs Commander Who Got bin Laden

The article is from a military perspective, but it applies to all walks of life. As coaches, we take on the leadership role to find out how good you can all be. We are here to push you to find what you are capable of doing. We take this role seriously and want the best for you and that's why we push. The article says "Think of the leaders you've truly respected most in your life. Did they let you slack off and do whatever you wanted, or did they press you to achieve more than you believed possible?"

Also, many of you are leaders in class, but you might not know it. People look up to you and will follow your example. No one like doing burpees, but a positive outlook from the class leaders can make a huge difference in how a workout is perceived and attacked. Be a leader, be positive and help your fellow members achieve more than he or she thought possible.

"Everybody screws up, and everybody falls short, but the best leaders learn to fail effectively." Don't be afraid to make mistakes, and definitely learn from them. We all make mistakes, but good leaders learn from them and get better.

There's other great stuff in there too, like "Take Smart Risks" and "Work for the Common Good" so take a few minutes and read it. Hopefully this will help your approach in the gym and in life.

Workout for Thursday, February 13 EMOTM 10 min 5 Ring Dips (Strict) ME Sit-Ups

For Time: 100 Burpees 5 Air Squats at the top of every minute 10 min Time Cap

Row 1000m w/ Intervals, 100m easy, 100m hard

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