Monday, March 3

Wow, what a an amazing first Open workout! You all should be really proud of yourselves. (I feel like I say that a lot, with good reason.) Hopefully you liked the feeling of competing and found a new gear you may not have known you had. I am always shocked to see you all keep doing more and more when we think you have reached a plateau. Keep putting in the work and amazing things will happen. Four more workouts to go and I am looking forward to watching you all go after them. Don't forget to submit your scores on the Games website or through the app. You won't show up on the leaderboard until we validate the scores, and we are checking regularly to get you all up there as fast as possible.

Workout for Monday, March 3 Overhead Squat 3-3-5-5-7

Helen's On a Boat 3 Rds for Time: Row 400m 21 KB Swings 12 Pull Ups Every 3 min: 10 burpees