Tuesday, March 4

Now that we've finished one Open workout and we are all able to compare ourselves to the best CrossFitters in the world, some of you may be sitting back thinking "How do they score so high?" At least, that's what I think when I get about half as many reps as the top guys. If you follow the sport of CrossFit at all I am sure you've heard of Rich Froning, three-time Games champ, and I am sure you wonder what his training must be like. Here's a day in the life of Froning from just before the Open. He starts his day with a random drug test and proceeds to do about eight workouts throughout the day. So just in case you had any doubts that hard work is what gets results, check out the video below and see how the best of the best train. And get some insight into what it's like to be the CrossFit Games champion.

Workout for Tuesday, March 4 8 min to Find Max Height Box Jump

3 min AMRAP: 3 Deadlift (315/205) 9 Box Jumps 6 HR Push Ups Rest 2 min 3 min AMRAP 6 Deadlift (185/115) 6 Box Jumps 6 HR Push Ups Rest 2 min 3 min AMRAP 9 Deadlift (115/75) 3 Box Jumps 6 HR Push Ups