Wednesday, March 5

I don't have much to say tonight except THANK YOU to the greatest group of people I know. I am not sure what I did to deserve your kindness and generosity, but it does not go unnoticed and I promise to try to live up to the nice things you have all said. A little more than two years ago we had the idea to open a CrossFit gym and do things the way we believed they should be done. We didn't get into it for the money or to just jump on the CrossFit bandwagon. We did this because we believe in the program and the community of people involved in it. While any endeavor like this can be challenging and terrifying, it can also be the most rewarding thing I do nearly every day. Getting to work with you all has been such a great experience and you assure me daily that I made the right decision to leave my old job and jump into this thing full-time. Thank you so much for being you! And since all of you thanked me for pushing you, I think that gives me all the liberties I need to keep pushing you harder! Workout for Wednesday, March 5 Super Set: Back Squat 7-7-7-7 ME Strict Pull-Ups

4 Rounds for Time: Row 250m 50 Double Unders 20 Air Squats 10 Ring Dips