Monday, March 10

Another Open workout down and we got to see tons of PRs on 14.2. Many of you got your first chest-to-bar pullup and lots of you overhead squatted more than you ever had before - for reps! Make sure you are taking the time to reflect on your performance in these workouts. One of the great things about the Open is that it gives you that extra push to try something you didn't think you could do before. I think a lot of you have officially graduated from ever using a band on pullups again. Use these workouts to assess your strengths and weaknesses and put together a plan to get better. Although you should be very proud of getting some pullups, don't be satisfied. If you got one or two, that is awesome, but let's figure out how to get more and how to string them together. You are all capable and it's time to take ownership of these movements and master them. No more being ok with using a band forever. It's time for the next step and we are excited to take it with you! Workout for Monday, March 10 Hang Clean Practice 20 min to build to heavy sequence: 1 Hang Clean (full squat) 2 Front Squats

8 min AMRAP 10 Power Cleans (115/85) 10 HSPU