Thursday, March 20

We all know how fast CrossFit has grown in the last ten years and how fast it continues to grow, but do you know what the fastest growing gym franchise in the country is? It's called Planet Fitness and unfortunately it is becoming very popular. And how did they get so popular? Well, according to this article on Yahoo finance, Planet Fitness has monthly pizza nights and bagel breakfasts. So, not only are they luring the detrained person in with unhealthy food options, they are keeping them down by forcing poor choices on them. Not only do they encourage poor food choices, they kick you out for working too hard. I know they gym can be intimidating, but seriously, we aren't allowed to work hard now? Look, I don't have any problems with a gym being inexpensive or no-frills, and I realize CrossFit isn't for everyone and a less intimidating atmosphere could be just what some people need. But I do have problems with a gym or any business doing things counterproductive to what should be their mission. Our mission at CrossFit 616 is to help you reach your fitness and health goals. Clearly, the mission of Planet Fitness is to make money.

I don't mean to rant about this or try to convince you to choose us over another gym (if you're reading this you've probably already made that choice), but reading this today really bothered me. I thought it was worth sharing so that we can all be educated on what the traditional "fitness" industry is all about.

Workout for Thursday, March 20 Tabata: (Rotate each round) OHS 95/65 Sit Ups Jumping Lunges Push Ups

Rest 4 min: Row 1200m: 100m easy, 100m ME