Thursday, March 27

Check out the video below with CrossFit Games women's champ Sam Briggs. She talk about the competition side of CrossFit, but she also says that the CrossFit Games and the competition are just a bonus. She would still CrossFit and try to get as fit and healthy as possible without the Games. Hopefully we all take that approach. We have certain goals we want to achieve, whether it is competitive or just something for ourselves. While having goals is great, sometimes it's the journey to reach them that makes all the difference. Just showing up every day and putting in the work means that you are on the road to a healthier fitter life and that journey should be never-ending. So set goals and go after them with all you have, but remember to enjoy the journey and when you reach those goals maybe you'll look at them as just a bonus.

Workout for Thursday, March 27 Row 2K Medium Pace

8 min AMRAP: 6 T2B 12 Pistols Rest 30 sec, then: Max Effort Set of Wall Balls