Tuesday, April 15

Just in case you missed this earlier today on Facebook, there is another CrossFit competition coming up close by. Check out the page from CrossFit Worthy in Mt. Pleasant for details on the event. It looks like one division that is open to anyone - 25 men and 25 women - and it is being held on Saturday, June 21. There are always competitions popping up, so if you are interested let us know. If you think you may want to compete down the road, but aren't ready yet, let us know that too so we can determine what you need to work on to be ready.

Workout for Tuesday, April 15 EMOTM for 5 min: 15 KB Swings (1.5, 1) EMOTM for 5 min: 30 Double Unders EMOTM for 5 min: 8 Strict Pull Ups (No Rest between each EMOTM movement)

10 min AMRAP: Row 1600m 30 Burpees Max Effort Sit Ups