Monday, April 21

We have a snatch complex Monday that begins with a muscle snatch. Some of you may not be familiar with the movement so I'll try to explain it here and we will cover it more in-depth in class. The first parts of the muscle snatch are just like a power or full snatch, but in the muscle version there is no re-dip under the bar. You just keep pulling and press the bar over head with the hips and knees extended. This is a great drill if you have trouble reaching full hip extension before pulling under when snatching. It is also a great strengthening tool for the second pull and your shoulders. Watch the video below of Colin Burns doing the muscle snatch. He is working very heavy and has to press out quite a bit, so if you are new to it stay lighter and work on being explosive on the second pull (once you get past the knees). The first two lifts in the video are muscle snatches then he moves on to other lifts.

Workout for Monday, April 21 Complete Snatch Complex for 5 sets: 3 Muscle Snatch, 2 Power Snatch, 1 Full Snatch

15 min AMRAP: 25 Thrusters (95/65) 100 Double unders 200m Run