Thursday, April 24

We'll be taking a lighter day on Thursday to prepare for some testing on Friday. We will be maxing out on the front squat Friday so take time Thursday to get in some conditioning work and extra mobility. We've hit some heavier workouts earlier in the week as well so Thursday should provide some needed recovery. And, for those of you that might find fitting in to your skinny jeans a little difficult now that you have awesome muscled-up legs and butts, here's the thing for you - Barbell Denim. Fits right over your massive quads and perfectly sculpted backside. Check 'em out!

Workout for Thursday, April 24 Jump Rope Practice: (two rounds) 30 sec Easy Pace Singles 30 sec Medium Pace Singles 30 sec Max Pace Singles 30 sec DU 30 sec DU 30 sec DU Rest 30 sec between each.

For Time: Buy In 750m Row 50 KB Swings Cash Out 750m Row