Thursday, May 1

We just want to say thank you to all of you that have been so great to the drop ins from Luminary. You have been so welcoming and have really made us proud. Thank you for being great and working with us when we have bigger classes and making everyone feel like they belong. We've heard lots of nice things from our guests and that is all we can ask, so again, thank you! We are doing the Flight Simulator tomorrow and that means lots of double under practice! Everyone's favorite, right? This will be a great way for you to work on stringing your double unders together. Take a look at this world record performance for a little inspiration.

Workout for Thursday, May 1 Double Under Practice Flight Simulator 5,10,15,20...50, 45, 40...10,5 Stop Between each Round

Row 1200m/Run 800m (weather based) Then 20-15-10 of: Power Snatch (95/65) Air Squats Cash Out with 15 Muscle Ups (Scale with Pull Ups/Ring Dips)