Monday, May 5

A big congratulations goes out to Annika and James for competing at the Battle of Mid Michigan on Saturday. Both of them did great and both broke PRs on at least one workout. There are a lot of competitions coming up and most have a scaled option if you are ready for the RX'd division. I think James and Annika would recommend competing and I am sure they'd be happy to tell you about their experiences. I think we can all learn a lot about ourselves by competing and I don't just mean learning how fit you might be. Once again, let us know if you want to give it a shot and we will help you get there. Also, congrats to Josh and Elliot from CrossFit Luminary for great performances Saturday as well. Josh took second overall and both put up big numbers on the max clean and jerk.

Workout for Monday, May 5 Front Squat 5X3 @ 80%

3 Rounds for Time: 21 Pull Ups 21 Wall Balls 21 Box Step Ups