Tuesday, May 6

We don't have any handstand pushups in the workout today, but I didn't want to forget to share this video with you. So many of you have a problem with arm placement and where the elbows go during the handstand pushup, especially on the boxes, and this video has a great tip at the end. Make sure when you bring your head to the ground you are reaching out in front of your hands to make a triangle. This gives you a good base in the headstand and allows the elbows to stay in for a good pushing position. He explains it at the end of the video below so please take a look. Hopefully this will help next time handstand pushups come up.

Workout for Tuesday, May 6 Press 5X3 @80% (15 min)

Jerk Practice (10 min)

Partner/Team WOD 20 min AMRAP: 20 Burpees (per member of team) Sled Push/Pull Plus 200m Run