Thursday, May 15

We've got some handstand pushup work today and this is a tough movement for many of you (for all of us). Check out the video below on where your head and hands should be during the handstand and headstand. You need to bring your head down in front of your hands and you come to the floor to keep a good position for the body and shoulders. This gets harder when you are leaning into the wall and your back is really arched. For a better position on the handstand try it facing the wall. This will help develop better balance for a free standing handstand. For the workout tomorrow you can do your handstand pushups either facing away or towards the wall, but try them facing the wall during your warmup to feel the difference. Also, if you are using a box to scale your handstand pushups, you still need to make the triangle on the ground with your head and hands.

Workout for Thursday, May 15 Press 3X2 @ 80 %, Push Press 3X2 @80%

EMOTM for 10 min: Even Min: Max Effort Strict Pull Ups Odd Min: Max Effort Strict HSPU

8 Min Amrap: 5-10-15-20... of: Double Unders Air Squats