Wednesday, May 21

I came across this article on Inside the Affiliate today and it is an open letter to the new members of CrossFit South Brooklyn. This letter is required reading for everyone that goes through their foundations course and wants to start CrossFit. There are three major points:1. Be proactive with your movement prep - warm up, do mobility work, etc. 2. Log your workouts - track everything or you can not see where you have been or where you are going 3. Start slow and maintain perspective - Don't expect it all to happen at once. Fitness is a lifelong journey. Respect the movements and build a solid foundation.

Please take a few minutes to read the letter. It is short, but it can help you understand the CrossFit journey and give you some perspective on how we approach the training.

Workout for Wednesday, May 21 EMOTM for 5 min: 10 KB Swings (1.5/1) 10 KB Front Rack Lunges

Rest 5 min then: 6 rounds for time 5 Power Cleans (185/125) Run ME 200m, walk 100m for recovery.