Thursday, May 22

Please note that we will be going back to one CrossFit class on Saturdays beginning June 7. With the warmer weather finally here, more people are going to be out and about and the class sizes have been smaller so we will just have one class for the summer months. We are also looking into having some specialty classes in the open time slot and we will announce them as soon as possible. If there is anything in particular you'd like to try, please let us know and we will look into having a class or seminar. Check out this video from Gymnastics WOD creator Carl Paoli on CrossFit and respecting the movements. He clearly explains a lot of the things people ask about CrossFit.

Workout for Thursday, May 22 Deadlift 5X3 @ 80%

10 min AMRAP 9 Box Jumps 7 Ring Dips Run 100m with Plate (45/25)