Wednesday, May 28

How do you approach your mobility work? Do you do any mobility work at all? Is your warm-up just a few minutes of rolling on a ball? Check out the article Grinding Through Mobility Work with Dr. Kelly Starrett for some suggestions on how you should be mobilizing and preparing for your workouts. We try to incorporate a little mobility in to the warm-up most of the time, but the warm up is intended to get your warm. True mobility work needs to be done outside of class on your own time and regularly to be effective. As Dr. Starrett says:

“People have to start to understand that mobility work is a part of life. You can’t just come in and try to do all your mobility and stabilization work during your warm-up. The warm-up is the time to get hot and sweaty. If you do one session of CrossFit, you owe me one session of mobility, but that has to be on your own time. Each training session will be equal to 10 to 15 minutes of mobility, but you need to be doing this outside of your time at the gym,”

To make a difference you have to consistently train your mobility just like anything else. You wil get stronger and feel better if you put the mobility work in. The better you move the stronger and more efficient you will be.

Workout for Wednesday, May 28 Front Squat 5X3 @ 70%

12 min AMRAP 10 Power Snatch (75/55) 20 Double Unders Run 200m