Friday, June 6

Friday's benchmark workout features two things we all love - running and pullups! Well, they are both things we can all improve on anyway. But before you get started on all those pullups let's talk about hand care. First off, if you think you might rip your hands, protect them! Don't just go into the workout knowing you are going to tear your hands up and not do anything about it. There is no glory in torn hands. It just means you can't do anything on the bar for a week, and no one wants that. Second, try to grip the bar with more of your fingers than the palm of your hand. The less hand you have on the bar, the less friction and you are less likely to rip. Third, take care of your hands outside of the gym. Shave your calluses and keep your hands moisturized. Chalk dries your hands out and make tearing more likely, so after your workouts make sure you are washing your hands and using some type of moisturizer. I've posted videos on hand care before and they are easy to find on Youtube. Here's a quick video on hand taping if you want to create some grips before the workout. This is just one way of doing it, there are lots of methods that work. Oh, and if you do want to make grips, please don't wait until 30 seconds before the workout begins to do it ;)

Workout for Friday, June 6 Double Under Practice Sets of 50-40-30-20-10, 5 min Time Cap

"Nicole" 20 min AMRAP: Run 400m Max Effort Pull Ups Score is total number of Pull Ups. Each time you drop off the bar or break your set of pull ups, run 400m.