Monday, June 9

Congratulations to Coach Robert on a solid performance at the Michigan State Weightlifting Championships this weekend. And thanks to everyone that came out to support him. If you have never been to a local weightlifting meet I highly recommend it, especially if you want to lift. These meets are very low key and not intimidating. If you are interested you should definitely come watch the next one to see it in person. I know we have a few people competing in different CrossFit events this coming weekend and I am sure they would love your support. I'll get the details out soon to let you know who will be where and when. It makes a big difference to have supporters and it is a lot of fun to watch these events in person so if you are interested in going please let us know.

Workout for Monday, June 9 5 Rounds Every 2 min Complete 5 Deadlifts @ 75%

2 Rounds, Complete all three, then Repeat. Rest 30 sec Between Each 2 Min AMRAP ME Air Squats ME T2B ME Shoulder to Overhead (135/95) After Last AMRAP Rest 30 sec then Run 800 for Time.