Friday, June 13

We are taking on Karen for Friday's benchmark. I know some of you don't like wall balls, but you should not cherry pick on this one. Karen is a great test of endurance and skill along with physical and mental stamina. It's a great workout to look back on to see your improvement so if you can make it don't skip just because it's not your favorite movement. For inspiration I am embedding the video of maybe the greatest Karen I have ever seen. It's Tommy Hackenbruck in the 2012 CrossFit Games in the final event of the team competition. He essentially does 150 wall balls unbroken with maybe one accidental drop in there. Pretty impressive, especially in the last event of a tough competition. (Sorry, no announcers for the video, but still worth taking a look, it's linked right to the start of his Karen.)

Workout for Friday, June 13 "Karen" Complete 150 Wall Balls for Time 15 min Time Cap

Rest 5 min then: For Time: Run 100m 90 Double Unders Run 100m 45 Double Unders Run 100m