Tuesday, June 17

Remember, we have yoga this Saturday, June 21 at noon! Hope to see you there. For those of you that struggle with handstand pushups or pushups in general check out this post from CrossFit Games athlete Dan Bailey on doing holds and negatives to build strength. If it works for an athlete of his caliber it will work for you too. Taking the extra time to work on these things can make a big difference in getting the strength you need to master certain movements. Just holding yourself up a few times a day will help build strength quickly and get you to those goals faster. You don't have to do exactly what he is doing in the video, and if you have questions on how to do it let us know!

Workout for Tuesday, June 17 Press 3X5 @ 80%, Push Press 3x5 @ 80%

6 min AMRAP 8 Pull Ups 8 Plate Twists

Rest 3 min

6 min AMRAP Burpee Box Jumps