Thursday, June 19

I read a great article from Dr. Quinn Henoch today on the half kneeling squat and how it can improve your training. You can read the article here on Juggernaut. It is long and a little technical, but the major point I'd like to share with you is that a stable trunk equals better movement in the limbs. The half kneeling position (basically the bottom of the lunge with one knee on the ground) requires core stability and is a great position to perform balance and strength exercises. Here's how Dr. Henoch puts it:

...we need proximal stability to have distal mobility. In other words, we need relative stability through the trunk to make full use of the range of motion available in joints such as the hips and shoulders. In other other words, a strong core that activates at the correct time and with the right amount of intensity is the prerequisite to having arms and legs that perform well. It doesn’t matter how much force you can generate with your extremities if your trunk is not strong enough to oppose and transmit it; and it doesn’t matter how rigid you can make your core if the contraction is not timed properly based on the specific movement demand.

Check out the article and the videos on exercises you can do to strengthen your core. Let us know if you have questions!

Workout for Thursday, June 19 Front Squat 2X5 @ 80% Back Squat 3X5 @ 80%

8 min AMRAP 1,2,3,4,5... Ring Dips Sit Ups Run 100m