Wednesday, June 25

As we worked on snatches on Tuesday I was noticing a lot of differences side to side on a lot of people. When we see a difference in how one side of the body moves compared to the other we know there is a problem and we need to fix it to prevent injury and to get stronger. Asymmetries could mean that one side of the body is weak, shut down, or really tight. Asymmetries are also a good indicator of future injury. You do not want to continue training bad movement patterns and create an even bigger problem. Check out this article on some unilateral (one side at a time) movements that can help address asymmetries in your movement. Most of the things we do with a barbell are bilateral (both sides of the body moving together) and although we incorporate some of these things into warmups and workouts, we usually need a little more. If you find that one side of the body seems stronger than the other give some of these exercises a try to balance yourself out. Getting balanced should make you stronger and more mobile, which will make you a better CrossFitter!

Workout for Wednesday, June 25 Press 3X2 @ 90%, Push Press 2X1 @ 95%

5 Rounds: Max Effort Strict Pull Ups 16 Box Step Ups Run 400m Rest 1 min between each round.