Tuesday, July 1

Great job to everyone front squatting today! Congratulations to those of you who PR'd. If you didn't quite hit a new PR today DO NOT be discouraged. Strength gains come slowly over time, especially once you've been doing CrossFit for a decent amount of time. The first few times that new CrossFit athletes test one rep maxes it can tend to yield some unreal increases in numbers. As you fly through those gains things will start to level out a bit and you may not see those giant PR's. It's extremely important to appreciate the small gains as much as the large gains, or sometimes even hitting your existing PR again. It's a simple fact: we won't always PR everything we do at the gym. Keep your chin up and be proud of what you accomplish on a day to day basis! With the 4th of July coming up let's keep in mind those who have served for our country and our freedom. If you've ever wondered what the "Hero" WODS are all about, this CrossFit Journal Article is a great source to gain some understanding. This is a selection from the article that does a good job of explaining how Hero WODS apply to CrossFitters of all levels:

"For those of us who undertake these physical tests, the psychological effects of performing a Hero workout are tremendous. It’s easy to treat these prescriptions as any workout of the day, but for those who take the time to learn about the heroes they honor, the WODs can become as spiritual and emotionally demanding as they are physically grueling. When keeping the stories behind the real-life heroes in mind, slowing down during a Hero workout becomes harder to justify. When the pain of pushing harder becomes too great, I am reminded of the sacrifice these men made for my freedom, and my struggle becomes laughable. And when I compare my temporary suffering to the lifelong sorrow felt by the grieving families of these men, dropping the bar becomes an embarrassment to my country. The Hero workout is more than a test of physical ability. It bridges the gap between the body and the mind, emotion and experience, and gives us the chance to do more than just remember our soldiers. It gives us the chance to sweat, bleed, suffer and grieve for our fallen heroes one rep at a time."

Reminder: There is one CrossFit class on Friday, July 4th at 8 am (Is the discussion of Hero WODs a hint of what's to come? Get out, we just did Murph on Memorial Day, another major holiday celebrating those who fight for our freedom!)

Workout For Tuesday, July 1 Ring Push Up Practice 4 Sets of Max Reps Superset with ME Unbroken Plate Twists (25/15) No rest between RPU and Twists. Rest 1 min after Plate Twists each set.

5 Rounds, 3 min each round: 1st min: 8 Power Cleans (135/95) 2nd min: 8 Shoulder to Overhead (135/95) 3rd min: 8 Bar Hop Burpees