Tuesday, July 15

The CrossFit Games are a little over a week away and if you haven't had the chance to watch the sport of CrossFit, the Games are the best of the best. If you have some time, watch the behind the scenes look at the competition on the men's side at the Central East Regional from this year. Many of the top men at the CrossFit Games come out of the Central East, but this year there were only three spots available. It's a long video, but it will give you a good look at what these athletes do to get to the Games. Also, we are planning on watching the Games somewhere over the weekend of the 25-27. We don't have anything specific lined up, but once we figure it out we will let you know.

Workout for Tuesday, July 15 Deadlift 3X2 @ 85%, 2X1 @ 90%

For Time: 10-9-8...3-2-1 Wall Balls Ring Dips Cash out with 800m Run