Wednesday, July 23

The Babes and Bros competition at CrossFit Grand Rapids is coming up soon (Aug. 9) and I know we already have a few teams signed up. But a few people have told me they want to do it and are in need of a partner. If there are any girls interested, please let us know because we have a bro waiting for you! The deadline for getting a team in is tomorrow so please let us know asap! And if you already have a team make sure you get signed up. The workouts have been released so click here to see them. The CrossFit Games started today with the masters (40 years old +) doing three events. The individual competition starts tomorrow at 12 pm Eastern time. Everything will be streamed live either at or on ESPN3.

We will be hanging out at the gym most of the day on Saturday to watch the Games. We will still have normal class time, but after that we can hang out and watch the action. Feel free to come by any time, but if it's later in the day call first to make sure we are still there. We will set up a tv in the gym and we have a few chairs, but you might want to bring something comfortable to sit on and it will be a bring your own food and drink affair. The Games start at 12 pm Eastern on Saturday. See you there!

Workout for Wednesday, July 23 Front Squat 5X3 @ 80%

20 min AMRAP: 10 T2B 15 Box Jumps 20 Wall Balls