Monday, July 28

Hope you got to see the CrossFit Games this weekends. It is so inspiring to watch these men and women. It always makes me want to work harder. But at the same time, as I watch I remind myself of the differences in CrossFit as a sport and CrossFit as a strength and conditioning program. These are two very different things with very different approaches and requirements. Some people want to train for the sport and see what his or her body can do, but some just want to stay in shape and do CrossFit to be healthy and fit. Both are great, but you need to think about which one you want to do. If it's your sport and you want to achieve specific goals, the training and lifestyle become much more rigorous. Don't let the CrossFit Games athletes intimidate you or make you think you are doing something wrong. These people are essentially professional athletes training for their sport, and you don't need to do the same things they do to be really fit and healthy. Do what you do because you love it and you want to take care of yourself. Don't let the things others do influence you negatively, rather, be inspired and be your best! Workout for Monday, July 28 Push Jerk 20 min to work up to Heavy Set of 3.

For Time 21-15-9 Deadlift (185/125) Hand Stand Push Ups Run 400m After Each Round