Monday, August 11

Big big congratulations to Tom and Cori for winning the Babes and Bros competition over the weekend. They both showed how hard work pays off, and they demonstrated quality movement and consistency during the entire event. We are all very proud of you! And of course a big congrats goes out to all that competed this weekend. We had 10 athletes from 616 participate in the Babes and Bros event and all of them performed valiantly. It was the first competition for some and a great experience for all. If you are interested in trying a competition please talk to someone that did this event. I am sure they will tell you how much fun it is and how rewarding the experience can be. These CrossFit events are judgement-free and very supportive of athletes of all levels. It is a great way to test yourself and have a lot of fun doing it. Also, a huge thank you goes out to all of you that came to support us. We couldn't do it without you and you represent the 616 family so well. We do hear your cheers and it makes a difference. Thank you so much.

babes and bros winners

Workout for Monday, August 11 Front Squat 3X12 @ 60%

For Time: Row 500m 5 rounds of 30 Air Squats 20 Sit Ups 10 C2B Pull Ups Cash Out with 500m Row

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