Thursday, August 14

Starting next week (Monday, August 18) we will have a noon class every weekday. Hopefully this gives you more chances to make it to the gym. We know it can be difficult to fit a workout in every day, but consistency is the key. There are some people that we don't get to see nearly enough and we want that to change. Remember how hard the first days and weeks of CrossFit seemed? Now why would you want to keep doing that over and over. While the challenges continue no matter how long you do this, you should never feel like you are starting over every time you walk in. Make your workout a priority and be honest about where it fits in your life. Look back over the last month and count the number of hours you watched TV or looked at Facebook. Could those hours have been spent elsewhere? How many times did you go out for drinks after work? Could you have gotten in a workout before heading out? Be honest with yourself and make your health and fitness a priority. Workout for Thursday, August 14 20 min to Establish ME Unbroken of each exercise: Strict Pull Ups Strict HSPU Strict T2B Kipping Pull Ups Kipping HSPU Kipping T2B (Make note of scaling and reps for future reference!)

8 min AMRAP: 10 Box Jumps (24/20, add plate for box jumps) 8 Plate Twists (45/25) 6 OH Lunges (45/25)

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