Thursday, August 21

Researchers have found that physically fit children have greater brain capacity, which can benefit memory and learning. The study was done on nine and 10-year-olds and found that the kids that were more aerobically fit had more white matter in their brains. The article also refers to previous studies that have found similar results in adults. So not only does exercise make us physically healthier, it makes us mentally healthier as well. Read the article here. This seems like common sense to me and it is great to have the science to back it up. I believe that a healthy diet paired with exercise is the single most important thing we can do for our health - physical and mental. We all know that we feel better mentally when we are eating right and exercising, so why do we punish ourselves by not doing it all of the time. The good diet seems to be the hard part for a lot of people, but it's time we start taking responsibility for our health and not just give in to the temptations of everyday life.

Eating healthy and exercising make you feel better immediately and they pay off on long-term health. Your health care costs will be lower and you will be able to enjoy life longer. Start making good decisions today and take responsibility for your physical and mental health.

Workout for Thursday, August 21 Front Squat 4X8 @ 65%

"Kettlebell Bonanza" For Time: 40 KB Swings (1.5/1) 30 KB Goblet Squats 20 KB OH Lunges Right Arm 20 KB OH Lunges Left Arm 10 KB Push Press Right Arm 10 KB Push Press Left Arm

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