Friday, August 22

Have you heard about Grid yet? The National Professional Grid League held its first match this Tuesday between the New York Rhinos and the Los Angeles Reign. Grid is a new sport that is similar to CrossFit but is team based. A lot of the top CrossFit athletes in the world are on Grid teams and the action is pretty intense. The team element is like nothing we've seen before in the CrossFit world. There are substitutions, faults and challenges. I am not sure if it will catch on, but it is fun to watch for now. The matches consist of 11 races and the competitors know them in advance. There is a lot of strategy involved and one mistake can cost you the race. Check out one of the races from the first match and see what you think.

Workout for Friday, August 22 20 min to Find 3RM Thruster (From Rack)

4 min AMRAP, 3 rounds 15 Power Snatch (75/55) 30 Double Unders

Rest 1 min Between Rounds

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