Wednesday, August 27

Our first Wednesday Friends-Day is upon us. Hopefully you are bringing a friend and exposing him or her to what has been life-changing for so many. We have class at 6 and 7 am and 12, 4, 5, and 6 pm. We are keeping the movements basic on these days so new people can join right in, but don't think it will just be an easy day for you more experienced people. Every workout is as hard as you make it. Go faster, try to do bigger or unbroken sets or set other mini goals and challenges within the WOD. Make every rep perfect and don't let questionable reps slide and certainly do every rep you are supposed to do. Each workout we program is designed with a specific purpose in mind, some are light and fast, some are heavy and slow. Different workouts deliver a different stimulus and produce different results. We need to train in all of the different domains so we can get fit in all areas. So if something looks easy to you on paper, push yourself to get more out of it. Don't settle for cruising through and no getting the stimulus to produce change. Workout for Wednesday, August 27 Wednesday Friends-Day! EMOTM for 10 min: Odd min: 12 HR Push Ups Even min: 20 Air Squats

10 min AMRAP 10 Ball Slams (30/20) 10 Pull Ups Run 100m with Slam Ball

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