Thursday, August 28

We are doing some push press and push jerks tomorrow and CrossFit just released a video about getting more power in the push press. If you want more power, you shouldn't dip deeper, you need to move faster on the way up. A short, vertical dip and drive is all you need to pop the bar off the shoulders. Check out the video below and pay attention to the demonstration with the roller and ball. The ball represents the bar popping off the shoulders. If you don't drive up fast enough the bar will not receive the momentum from the hip drive. Hopefully the video makes it a little clearer for you.

Workout for Thursday, August 28 Shoulder Complex: 3 Push Press, 6 Push Jerk 20 min to Complete 5 sets. Add weight each set if complex completed successfully.

For Time: 8 Squat Cleans (205/135) 50 Double Unders 6 Squat Cleans 50 Double Unders 4 Squat Cleans 50 Double Unders 2 Squat Cleans Cash Out with 30 Wall Balls

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