Tuesday, September 9

Some of you saw the slackline set up out back today so we could practice for the upcoming CrossFit competition on September 20. The slackline will be set up most days to prepare for this event because we need a lot of practice. Balance and coordination are important physical skills to develop just like strength and endurance and getting on a slackline tests your balance like no other. If you want to give it a try let us know, but please don't try it alone. It's always good to try new sports and test yourself in different ways. Getting on the slackline today certainly tested me like nothing I have ever done in my life. It made me work hard physically and mentally and it was a lot of fun. Enjoy the new challenges and don't get down if you don't master them right away. The journey is just as rewarding as the goal.

And just in case you don't know what a slackline is, watch this:

Workout for Tuesday, September 9 5 Sets of ME Strict Pull Ups

3 min AMRAP 8 Wall Balls 8 Air Squats Rest 1 min 3 min AMRAP 8 T2B 8 Ball Slams Rest 1 min 3 min AMRAP 8 Wall Balls 8 Air Squats 8 T2B 8 Ball Slams

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