Wednesday, September 10

As I scrolled through my Facebook news feed today I saw countless tips on how to eat healthy and how certain foods are killing us. And for the most part I agree with everything I saw. The only thing that bothers me is that sometimes it seems like there is a lot more posting about doing the healthy thing than actually doing the healthy thing. I'm not calling anyone out here, because whatever motivates you to do the right thing is cool with me. So if posting about eating healthy makes you more likely to eat healthy then by all means proceed. However, I feel like the obesity and resulting health issues we have in this country would not exist if everyone lived off of their Facebook posts' recommendations.

Motivational sayings and healthful reminders are great. IF THEY ARE ACTUALLY MOTIVATING! If you are not following your own advice then stop wasting your time on Facebook and DO the things you are posting about.

Like I said, do what works for you, but choose things that work.

Workout for Wednesday, September 10 Double Under Practice, 5 Rounds ME Double Unders in 30 sec Rest 30 sec

For Time: Buy In with 40 Burpees 4 Rounds of: 10 OH Lunges w/ Slam Ball (30/20) 10 Ring Dips 10 DB Snatches (alternating arms, touches floor each rep) Cash Out with 40 Burpees

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