Thursday, September 11

We've got a lot of rowing and thrusters in the WOD for Thursday and you will want to be as efficient as possible as you move through the workout. We have covered rowing technique with most of you more than once, but it seems like no matter what we say when the clock starts technique goes right out the window. This happens on rowing more than any other movement. Rowing technique is just as important as snatch or squat technique. Do it right and the meters will melt away, do it wrong and you'll make your life miserable. So, if you don't want your life to be miserable, take a step back and focus on proper technique during the workout. Simply moving as fast as you can is not the best way. Check out the video below for some rowing tips, and then you can put them into practice during the WOD.

Workout for Thursday, September 11 Press 3X5 @ 75% Push Press 3X5 @ 75%

20 min AMRAP Row 500m 5 Thrusters (65/45) Row 500m 10 Thrusters Row 500m 15 Thrusters Row 500m 20 Thrusters

Follow Pattern of Increasing Thruster Reps

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