Tuesday, September 16

Scaling sometimes gets a bad rap in the gym, but it is crucial for the proper development of an athlete. We write the workouts to challenge everyone in the gym, so sometimes that means you won't be able to do the workout as prescribed. And that is OK. One of the best parts about scaling is that it allows us to workout even if we can't do the movements at all. Check out the video below on how Pat Sherwood scaled a CrossFit.com workout while recovering from a separated shoulder. Also, please note that he is making the decisions to do specific things to his body. He wouldn't recommend these specific options to a person he was training. But the important thing is that there is always a way to continue training, you just have to be smart and not put yourself at risk of further injury.

Workout for Tuesday, September 16 Rowing Intervals, Row and Rest Equal Amounts: 60 s, 50 s, 40 s, 30 s, 20 s, 10 s, 10 s, 20 s, 30 s, 40 s, 50 s, 60 s

10 min AMRAP 5 Deadlifts (115/85) 7 Hang Power Cleans 9 HR Push Ups

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