Thursday, September 18

There are pistols in the workout today and this is a difficult movement for most of us. The great thing is that there are a ton of pistol variations to help build strength and balance as you progress towards the full movement. Here's a quick video demonstrating some of the ways to scale a pistol. Remember, we are all working towards the same thing, we're just at different points in the journey. Scaling is key to achieving your goals, but remember to scale appropriately. The movement should challenge you so you are making progress. If you scale it so that it becomes too easy you will never move to the next level. Check out the video for some tips. There are more ways to modify a pistol too, and we will cover some of them in class.

Workout for Thursday, September 18 Find 3 Rep Max Back Squat

3 Rounds for Time: 15 KB Swings 20 Pistols (alternating legs) Cash out with 800m Run

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