Friday, September 19

Reminder that we will be closed this Saturday because we have a lot of people competing at the GR Games at 8th Day Gym downtown. Please come out to support your fellow athletes. There will be no weightlifting or CrossFit this Saturday! I watched the interview below this week and there are a few good tips in there about reaching your goals, specifically when talking about changing your body. The main point is that it takes a lot of time and hard work. Too many times we expect to see major changes in a few weeks or a couple of months and that is just not realistic. If you want to look a certain way be prepared to put in work for six months or more. Eating clean is not just something you do a couple of times a week. It needs to be a lifestyle. If you gained weight or increased your body fat, thing about how long it has been since you were at the size you wanted to be. It was probably a few years ago, so don't think it won't take a year or more to get back there. Check out the video below for a very honest take on what it takes to get lean and change your body. WARNING: The video contains a lot of foul language and crude humor, but if you can sort through all of that you can pick up some good tips. (I started the video a little way in for you so you can get right to the good part.)

Workout for Friday, September 19 5 min Hand Stand/ Handstand Walk Practice

HSPU Practice, Rest Exactly 1 min between Sets! 3 Sets of ME Unbroken Strict HSPU 3 Sets of ME Unbroken Kipping HSPU

2 Rounds for Time: 5 Deadlifts (275/185) 10 Muscle Ups 15 Bar Hop Burpees

Sub 15 Pull ups/12 C2B Pull Ups for MU.

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